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Only the best out of nature

Retail company PERA GmbH, settled close to Hannover, sells selected natural plant extracts, plant oils and their derivates, also in certificated organic quality, which are used as high-quality raw material mainly in cosmetic industry worldwide.

Environmentally friendly production and processing is a main concern of PERA GmbH founder Christian D. Wätjen. Audits of suppliers are made on a regular base.


Selected Jojoba oils as well as in gentle processing thereof manufactured Jojoba Flakes and Beads.

Highly effective oat oil improving skin appearance, as well as well-chosen and evidently bioactive plant extracts for special applications as Anti-Aging, sun care and -protection, sebum regulation or formulations for sensible or pre-damaged skin.

The extracts are non-allergenic.
All organic products come from certificated plantations (organic farming) or from controlled wild collection (controlled wild harvesting). We guarantee discharge of our high product standards by complete traceability and certificate of analysis for each charge.